Inexpensive Upgrades that Look Like a Million Bucks

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to upgrade your home. Whether you’re just looking to refresh your home or you’re considering putting it on the market, taking some time to improve a few things can drastically change the way your home looks for the better.

Here are five ways to give your home an updated look without completely breaking the bank.

upgrade neutral walls
(photo credit: HuffingtonPost.com)

Paint your walls a neutral color. Not only does a fresh coat of neutral paint brighten up a room, it’s also touted by many real estate agents (myself included) as a “must do” if you want to sell your home quickly. A home that doesn’t require a lot of work is more appealing to buyers, which could mean a faster offer for you.

upgrade caulk
(photo credit: DIY Network)

Redo the caulk around the tub and sink in your bathroom. Sometimes you just can’t get that stubborn mold out of the caulk in your bathroom. Putting down a fresh bead of caulk makes the room look extra clean and can make buyers think that your bathroom was recently updated.

upgrades deck stain
(photo credit: ThisOldHouse.com)

Clean and refinish your deck. If your deck looks worn out but you don’t have the money to tear it down and put up a new one, a power wash and a new coat of paint or stain can go a long way.

upgrade exterior
(photo credit: Eclectic Entry by Lindon Furniture & Accessories Four Chairs Furniture)

Update your exterior and front landscaping. Adding some low maintenance shrubs and trees can make your yard look more appealing, and painting your front door and shutters makes your home look newer. All of this is a part of curb appeal, which studies show can boost the value of your home between 10% and 12%.

upgrade faunt paint
(photo credit: Sincerely Sara D)

Update your fixtures with paint. If buying replacement fixtures is out of your budget, consider painting the ones you currently have. It’s a relatively simple way to give things a new look, but it does require a good amount of patience.

If you’re making upgrades because you want to sell your home, speak with a real estate agent to find out the main things that buyers want in a home and focus your upgrading efforts on those things.


If you live in Union County, OH and are considering selling your home, contact me to schedule a no-obligation home consultation. I can help you determine the best upgrades to make to help your home sell quickly.


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